2020 EJG Mini Tour 

JG Mini Tour provides girls and boys ages 12 and under an opportunity to LEARN to compete, PLAY, and have FUN with their friends on the course.  

The tournaments do have a competitive aspect, but competition is not our only focus.  We are committed to developing and mentoring these young golfers in proper golf etiquette, sportsmanship, and most of all respect for the game and each other. 

EJG Mini Tour is a series of 9 hole tournaments at Edmonton area golf courses on Saturday / Sunday afternoons.  Kids of all abilities have the opportunity to get out on a course more and enjoy some time outdoors.

To make sure this is a FUN experience for everyone, each player brings their own caddie (parent or relative). This helps to supervise the group, maintain speed of play, and educate on the rules and etiquette of golf. The caddie plays an important part in these events, allowing for some quality time together, developing confidence and exposure to all sorts of life learning moments!

For more information!  please contact Tour Director

Craig McArthur