Important CADDIE Info

The EJG Mini Tour requires caddies for participants in all divisions. Caddies play an important role while on course with their child or group.  Parents who choose to caddie for their players are to familiarize themselves with the following tips, rules & guidelines. 

  • Maintain pace of play – keep kids moving along and maintain fast walking. 

  • General caddie duties including; Pushing / Carrying clubs, assisting with flag stick, raking bunkers, and any and all general help and assistance with the group.  

  • Caddies are required to wear “official Caddy bib” and returned immediately after the round to the scoring area

  • Power carts are not permitted 

Pace of Play

Players are encouraged to play ready golf in order to maintain a reasonable pace of play for 9 holes. It is the intention of the caddies to assist with the kids and encourage Ready Golf and maintain the pace for the group. 

What is “Ready Golf”?

Ready golf is when a player plays their shot ahead of another player who holds the honor from previous hole. Playing “ready golf” also means Being ready to play when it is your turn.   
Encourage players to limit practice swings to 1 or 2 prior to each shot.   

To ensure each player has the best experience and the environment remains enjoyable for all involved, the EJG will not tolerate caddies or spectators who are abusive, disrespectful towards their players or other players/ caddies in the field.
If a formal complaint is filed from either the EJG director, club staff, volunteers, competitor or caddie, he or she in violation will be given only 1 warning. After a second offense, the player and / or caddie will be immediately dismissed from the host club. Violations include profanity, abusive language, club throwing, cheating, disrespect of volunteers, competitors, or officials, abuse to the golf course or the facilities, littering, or any other conduct unbecoming of a player or caddie.  





Helpful hints for Caddies 

It is important for our young athletes to make their own decisions on the course and figure out this crazy game on their own terms.  


Caddies are there to ENCOURAGE / SUPPORT / EMPOWER. 

•    HAVE FUN!  This is a special time. Enjoy the time to be able to spend with your children. 
•    ATTITUDE is everything
•    Be prepared for kids and Alberta weather! Snacks, water, sunscreen, bug spray and extra clothes are always a good idea.
•    Stock up with extra Tees, golf balls, a divot repair tool, a pencil, and a ball marker.
•    Arrive early to prepare as necessary. Be ready to play 10 minutes before scheduled tee time. 
•    Introduce yourself and encourage your player to introduce themselves to the other caddies & players in the group.
•    Do NOT Coach 
•    Do NOT Criticize 
•    If not sure what to do Refer to Rule #1

Caddies may help any player to look for their golf ball, determine distance to the hole, rake bunkers, fix divots in fairways, repair ball marks on greens, and remove/replace the flagstick on the green.





  • Each player will receive a scorecard to record their score and 1 other player.  

  • Assist with recording score and the player he/she is keeping score(marking) for *

  • Following the round.  Immediately proceed to the scoring area with the other player(s) in your group.

  • Each player must sign two scorecards: his/her official scorecard, and the scorecard he/she kept for another player in the group.

Please note: caddies are allowed to assist with scoring for their players and fellow competitor, HOWEVER, it is encouraged not to complete the actual scoring - please allow your player to complete his / her own scorecard.